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This is beatoful, inspirational for my phd work on avatars at intersection of games and fine art, will maybe reach out, i loved the fact how unclear it is from the start all the interactions you can have how you can hold up hand... mesmerizing, really,



An art gallery, made of fleshy putty. Impressive atmosphere and stunning visuals.

Very nice. I'd love a game expanded upon this.

Gran trabajo

Well, PC does not mean Windows - there is GNU/Linux, too (and maybe some more PC OSs ...

Would be nice to see a Linux version some time ...   ;)

WTF Love it beautiful.

beautiful work.


how do I launch the game once it's downloaded? Sorry, I'm quite new to this.

This game is awesome indeed! : D

Thank you!


i keep getting lost in the dark? wheres all the cool visuals?


what the fuck


Amazing, just stunning.

This was a really neat "tech-demo" kind of game, solid effects and the loop is basically seamless, would like to see it with more rooms!